The App Every Beer Lover Has Been Waiting For

"Bad Ass Beer App" lets beer lovers see real-time beer lists from their favorite pubs, form drinking clubs and earn special rewards.

The "Bad Ass Beer App," a new app that promises to brew a great partnership between beer lovers and the establishments that serve them, launched in January 2014.

Available for iPhone and Android, the Bad Ass Beer App provides hops aficionados with real-time beer lists for their local bars and brewpubs, as well as the option to join local beer clubs to help socialize with other beer drinkers, log stats and tasting charts and best of all, earn special rewards and other offers from participating clubs.

Bar owners and beer makers can use the app to create rewards programs, communicate with their local customers in real-time and incentivize their prime demographic. It's available through iTunes, Google Play and at

Carlo Martini, founder of Bad Ass Beer App, talked about the solution it provides when he said, "This is the only Smartphone App in the Craft Beer industry that rewards users for drinking beer. Bar owners can instantly deploy our platform and create an interactive loyalty program or "beer club." Most other apps track beers and promote sharing (which we do as well) but none of them truly provide a vehicle to earn something tangible back as well. Perhaps most importantly, our app allows bar owners to send out notifications directly to beer club members through the app. Notifications can be used to promote upcoming events, notify craft beer lovers of a new beer that's just been tapped, or communicate specials and discounts."

Real-time details on every beer:
Read descriptions of every single beer on tap at the local watering hole. Users will also be able to see reviews from other beer lovers, track which beers they've had, and even create a "favorites" rolodex list to help keep track of what they like.

Join beer clubs directly from the phone:
Instantly join the beer clubs at local bars and breweries. Users will earn rewards for drinking beer, see how they rank against other beer drinkers universally, see what beers are on tap, and know who's at the bar before they even get there.

Track stats and earn rewards:
With stats and rankings, users will see how they're progressing for each beer club joined. They'll also be able to see how they stack up against other beer drinkers. And best of all, they'll receive offers and discounts from beer clubs they've joined.

The US craft beer movement has been exploding with an astounding 10% annual growth. Five out of ten fastest growing beer brands are craft and several of them have been seeing a mind-boggling 45% growth in sales. The Bad Ass Beer App makes it easier to organize and navigate that vast, hoppy landscape.


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