TowerBabel Adds Innovation to the Writing and Publishing Process

The 2014 launch of TowerBabel brings about a way for readers and writers to collaborate and share ideas through an innovative writing and publishing platform.

TowerBabel, a reading and writing platform centered on social collaboration, launched in January 2014. The new platform adds a touch of innovation to the e-book publishing industry which has remained largely unchanged for over a decade.

TowerBabel was founded by Yeung Shing, who saw an opportunity to use social collaboration to innovate the creation process of books. The platform is currently free for both readers and writers.

Shing said, "At the heart of our platform is the focus on collaboration. While writing is often viewed as a solitary experience, producing a book is never a lone exercise. Even with self-publishing, you will need a proofreader, editor, illustrator and book cover artist in order to become successful. On TowerBabel, we have built solid technologies that enable the type of collaboration to happen."

The TowerBabel platform offers features for both readers and writers. Readers can peruse classic stories, as well as books from other members they've followed. Then the stories can be shared with their social circle.

Writers and authors can write content directly on the platform or upload content, including photos and video. Writers can also collaborate with friends and colleagues to complete a single story or to finish a story in different places. Once the writing process is complete, authors can view all their works on a single platform, as well as edit and manage contributors.

"Our mission is simple - to make the world more open and collaborative. Collaboration is the act of working with each other to create something, something of value. We choose to start with books," explained Shing.

A tour of the TowerBabel platform can be found on the website.

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About TowerBabel:
TowerBabel was launched in 2014 as a social collaboration platform for readers and authors. The platform provides a way for writes to seamlessly write, collaborate, publish, share and manage their works all in one place.