Supplement Website Claims to Debunk and Demystify the World of Health and Fitness Supplements

"Supplement Critique" offers unbiased, real-world testing of supplement claims for weight loss, fitness and male enhancement supplements.

The supplement industry is a $32 billion annual business, with thousands of products, many with confusing names or questionable claims. Recognizing this need, Supplement Critique was created, where consumers can access fair and unbiased reviews as well as additional health advice. Supplement Critique focuses primarily on male-oriented products like testosterone boosters, pre & post-workout supplements, creatine, fat-burners and male enhancement pills, but offers some reviews for female-oriented products as well.

Founder and editor of Supplement Critique, Rob Miller, explained, "There are just way too many biased or simply fake review sites out there spreading untrue information about supplements. We aim to change that! By providing our visitor with knowledgeable and factual information on a wide range of supplements, the consumer will find solid information so they can make an informed decision."

Supplement Critique was established four years ago and continues to grow. The idea was born out of Miller's passion for health and wellness, as well as the need he recognized for a legitimate supplement review source.

The team at Supplement Critique digs deep into the details of each product that is reviewed. Many of these supplements are personally tested by the Supplement Critique team for effectiveness - debunking many claims - ingredients are researched in detail to make sure they're safe and also effective. The findings are summarized through crowd-sourced data and compared to similar products to show visitors the most affordable.

Miller has become recognized in the supplement and male enhancement arena for his expertise and his brutally honest take on products and the industry as a whole. One example is the article he wrote about dangerous weight loss pills and supplements, which can be read here -

Supplement Critique aims to be a partner in building a man's health, which is why the site also offers free eBooks like "How To Get Lean, Ripped, and Strong Quickly," "How to Lose Weight Quickly & Effectively" and "How to Boost Your Testosterone Naturally", as well as a wide range of fitness calculators.

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