New York Duo Launches Online Platform to Revolutionize Roommate-Hunting

Your New Roommate is an innovative new website that streamlines the process of searching for a roommate in a safe and efficient way.

Your New Roommate, a new platform designed to help people find their ideal roommate in an easy, safe way, is set to transform the home-search industry. The platform solves two major problems people face when searching for roommates: time constraints in meeting potential roommates and risks associated with moving in with a stranger.

While various sites currently allow users to advertise their vacant rooms, Your New Roommate employs a more innovative approach: using live audio and video. People can meet their prospective new roommates online, rather than wading through a string of anonymous emails. This allows for a quicker, safer process, by allowing users to secure a solid understanding of people in live conversation (and better assess how well-matched they are), when typically this would only be possible when meeting in person.

"Your New Roommate is simple to use, and utilizes an innovative audio-visual approach to ensure a greater personal connection."

Elliott James, Co-Founder, Your New Roommate

Elliott James and Harry Jeanty were inspired to create the site following their own experience and knowledge of the roommate-hunting process, and the difficulties existing platforms pose. James comes from a multi-disciplinary technological background, starting out as a network technician before becoming a web-developer. Jeanty has experience in business and real estate, currently involved with private property-rental.

“Anyone can use Your New Roommate to find their perfect match,” said Elliott James. “I know, from my own personal experience, just how difficult finding a roommate can be – when I moved from Florida to New York, I found the process incredibly intimidating and overly complex. Your New Roommate is simple to use, and utilizes an innovative audio-visual approach to ensure a greater personal connection throughout: both people can be sure they're comfortable with each other before moving onto the next stage, which is vital. We're bringing roommate-hunting into the 21st Century!

Co-founder, Harry Jeantry announced plans to run a monthly promotional contest in New York City for interns and university students using the service. Contest winners will receive one to three months free room and board in the NYC area. He hopes to expand the contest to other cities in the near future. 

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About Your New Roommate:

With an aim to revolutionize the roommate-hunting process, Your New Roommate offers an innovative way to connect people to their ideal roommate. Your New Roommate's audio-visual technology  allows people to see and speak with their potential new roommates in real-time, eliminating the usual hassle of waiting for anonymous emails. Users can also streamline searches to their exact specifications.


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