New Best-in-Class Research Identifies Emerging Trends in eCommerce


eCommerce marketing agency, Inflow, has released best-in-class research that identifies the emerging trends used by eCommerce leaders to attract, grow and convert customers in 2017.

Research indicates that as many as 80% of eCommerce businesses fail within 24 months of launching.  Issues such as lack of cashflow, a poorly performing website and too much competition can be a nail in the coffin for an eCommerce brand.

Inflow, an eCommerce marketing agency, recently conducted their annual ‘Best in Class’ research, and have shared the emerging trends in eCommerce for 2017.

"Our goal is to help eCommerce site stakeholders learn, avoid mistakes and speed up site optimizations to realize more profit with less risk."

Keith Hagan, director of conversion services at Inflow

Keith Hagan, director of conversion services at Inflow says, “Defining a ‘Best-in-Class’ list may seem highly qualitative and opinionated. However, we recognize how uniquely qualified we are to compile such a list, and, in some ways, even feel obligated to do so. Our goal is to help eCommerce site stakeholders learn, avoid mistakes and speed up site optimizations to realize more profit with less risk.”

The ‘Best in Class’ research was compiled using a 100 point matrix of eCommerce features. A team of five conversion experts then reviewed potential eCommerce sites to decide which ones would make the cut. Some of the notable brands who made the ‘Best in Class’ list compiled by Inflow include: Adidas, Express, Barneys New York, GoPro, JC Penney, Shutterfly, Sephora and Wayfair, among about a dozen others.

Upon conducting this annual research, several emerging trends in eCommerce became apparent. By incorporating some of these trends into an eCommerce site, site owners may be able to grow their following, increase conversions and add to their bottom line.

Among the emerging trends in eCommerce was social engagement. Many eCommerce brands are still struggling with social engagement and acquiring a loyal social media following. The Inflow research suggests that the Product Details Page is the most ideal place to include social sharing functionality, and that social sharing is more effective when it’s linked to a specific product.

‘Sticky calls to action’ are another emerging eCommerce trend that can help brands convert more shoppers, and potentially increase the dollar amount per purchase. The trend shows that pinning a short ribbon at the bottom of the screen with the relevant product feature selections, such as size and color, along with an Add to Cart button can prevent users from scrolling down the page and not making a purchase.

Another common theme among successful eCommerce platforms was the ‘ungated wish list’. While some eCommerce sites still require site users to register before creating a wish list, the trend is now shifting towards a wish list for non registered users. Essentially with an ungated wish list, users can add things to their list and look around the site without registering, but if they want to save their list for later, then they will still have to register. This helps facilitate the browsing process, and encourages users to stick around and eventually make a purchase.

To view the full list of emerging trends in eCommerce or for more information on the Best in Class roundup, see Inflow’s Emerging Trends From Best in Class Research, Part 1 and Emerging Trends From Best in Class Research, Part 2. Additional emerging trends will be added to the Inflow blog next week.

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