Crowdworks Launches Fluentlee, An Online Foreign Language Immersion Platform

The new language learning program was designed to help foreign language learners improve conversational skills by replicating the immersion experience.

Fluentlee, a new internet-based language immersion platform, launched on September 23, 2013 . The platform was created as an outlet for foreign language learners to practice speaking their new language with native speakers.

The Fluentlee platform gives people round-the-clock access to foreign language tutors via videoconferencing on the Fluentlee website. The service consists of short 15 minute video conferencing chat sessions with the tutor in the foreign language. All of the sessions are one-on-one in order to facilitate listening and oral skills in an interactive way.

David Bebko, co-founder and CEO of Fluentlee, explains his vision for the platform: "Fluentlee is designed to replicate the experience you would have if you moved to a foreign country. Research shows the best way to learn a language is through short interactions, with as many people as possible, on a wide variety of topics."

Fluentlee is best used as an add-on to school or other traditional language learning programs. Whereas these programs emphasize vocabulary, grammar, reading, and writing, Fluentlee's sole focus is meaningful conversations.

The tutoring sessions are available for all learning levels from beginner to advanced fully conversational speakers. The platform uses a crowdsourced ratings system to track student progress and ensure tutor quality.

Currently, the Fluentlee platform offers learning in 23 languages. However, the company has focused its recruiting efforts thus far on English, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese tutors. Fluentlee packages can be purchased starting at under $13 per hour of tutoring time.

About Crowdworks:
Crowdworks is an internet based company that connects people throughout the world. Fluentlee, a Crowdworks platform, is an immersion based foreign language learning service. The service is based entirely online and consists of 15 minute video-chat sessions with native speakers of the foreign language. Fluentlee can be used as supplement to traditional foreign language classes or as a standalone service to prepare foreign language students to speak conversationally in the new language.