Advanced Algorithm Making Incredibly Accurate Predictions On Gold Price Trends

"Gold Price Direction" realized 55% gains in 2013. The company now accepts bitcoin as a subscription payment method.

For nearly four years now, while gold has turned more volatile and seemingly impossible to predict, one company has been offering consistent accuracy in forecasting gold price trends.

It's called Gold Price Direction and with it investors gain access to a powerful proprietary algorithm that years of hard data have proven to be an extremely accurate market timing tool. Last year alone, Gold Price Direction's suggested positions realized a 55% compounded gain, soundly beating every gold-related hedge and mutual fund which instead offered investors massive and shocking losses in 2013.

For example, while investors in ABX (Barrick Gold Corp) suffered a nearly 58% drop in the first half of 2013, the suggested position for GPD subscribers rose as high as 77%. Then, in mid-July, GPD correctly turned bullish while the investment world was black-bearish and investors were selling gold shares in panic.

How is this possible? The Gold Price Direction algorithm analyzes a complex set of market indicators to determine an overall bullish or bearish outlook, then an email alert is sent to subscribers along with details on how to affect a position consistent with the signal. On average, signals are nine weeks apart and outside of market hours. To achieve its results, GPD uses 2x levered gold ETNs which are highly liquid and easily traded through a typical online brokerage account anywhere in the world.

It is flexible too. While some subscribers follow GPD's suggested trades others only affect short positions on bearish signals in order to hedge their existing physical gold holdings or other related investments. Many use it simply to time when to best "buy the dips" in their preferred gold companies' shares.

Nothing on offer to the public comes close to the simplicity or accuracy of the Gold Price Direction timing service. It is a low-stress and easy to understand market timing tool that works in both bull and bear markets, as designed. When an email alert goes out to a subscriber, nothing more is required to be advised of a signal change. There's no password to remember, no website to log into and no conspiracy theories to read. Signals occur outside market hours, so no urgency or day-trading is required to take advantage of that information. Also, there's a money-back no-questions-asked satisfaction guarantee.

By demand, GPD now also accepts bitcoin for subscription activation.

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